Reception Furniture in Newtownabbey

Reception Furniture in Newtownabbey

We have a range of unique reception furniture which will look great in numerous areas. If you wish to get a price, please complete our contact form now.

Office Reception Desks in Newtownabbey

Office Reception Desks in Newtownabbey

There are plenty of office reception desks to choose from depending on your individual requirements. Please contact us now for more details.

Welcome Desks in Newtownabbey

Welcome Desks in Newtownabbey

We provide bespoke welcome desks for all our customers and will be happy to discuss options in more detail. Please enquire now using the contact box for a customised desk.

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Office Reception Furniture in Newtownabbey

Your waiting or welcome area is perhaps the most important part of your whole office outfit – believe it or not. Your office reception furniture in Newtownabbey BT39 9 is so important because it is where all of your clients, visitors and employees head to when they first visit your firm – which means you really need to set a perfect first impression. 

It’s therefore a great idea to consider the perfect furnishings for visitors – you need to emphasise comfort, emphasise branding, and what’s more, stand out. Create a waiting area that inspires the people who are visiting you. 

Take advantage of our brilliant modern office receptions to invite people into your world without saying a word – from the main desk to seating and other comforts and touches, this is one area of your office you shouldn’t ever take too lightly.

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Buy Reception Desks

We can offer bespoke designs and custom fit reception desks to suit your needs. If you are looking to buy reception desks now, we suggest having a look at some of our recommended desks from Furniture Works:

Curve Modular Reception Desk

One of our favourite recommendations is the Curve Modular. This reception desk is available in 3 different colours and comes complete with adequate storage and an uncluttered appearance.
The desk creates a welcoming reception area and has a variety of configurations to give your customers a lasting first impression. 
You can select optional glass shelves and decide how you would like the panels. With a choice of unit type and finish, you can't go wrong with this reception desk. 
Click here to find out more.

Curve Reception Bundle 4 (Beech/White)

The Curve Reception desk Bundle Deal is a great option ideal for reception welcome areas. The desk comes with a cable access port and height levelling feet. 
The desk is 117cm high and measures 355cm by 235cm, making it perfect for most reception areas. 
The beech desk and white panels offers a modern look that fits in with almost any surround. 
For more details on this amazing bundle, please click here.

Curve Reception Bundle 2 (Beech)

You can also receive a full beech bundle which is more cost effective than bundle 4. 
This curve reception desk also has a cable access port and height levelling feet. 
The desk includes a 45 degree curvet top unit, curved glass shelf and base unit. It is perfect for reception areas and welcome spaces.
Find out more here.

Reception Furniture UK

Your main desk is effectively the gateway into your business – and while you are going to need to look for reception desks which offer comfort and maximum functionality for receptionists or front desk operators, it really doesn’t hurt to consider looking at reception furniture UK for a wealth of design options to help set a certain tone. 

We’re the closest bastion of support many firms have for welcome area furnishings, and therefore, we’ve made sure to cultivate a collection of desks that really stand out – choose from stunning, contemporary designer options – crescent shapes or simple, rectangular models in wood, metal or otherwise – and whether you blend into your existing interior design or for something that really sends a message, you’ll find a wealth of options available after speaking to our team.

Waiting Reception Furniture Office

Office reception furniture near me or elsewhere in the surrounding areas should arrive with quality assured – and with comfort as the highest priority. 

Visitors to your office will need to sign in and may have to wait to be seen by a member of your team – why make their wait uncomfortable? Opt for inviting sofas or seating that combine that luxurious, executive look – or colourful, modern hues which emphasise warmth and a laid-back attitude.

The waiting reception furniture office you choose for the welcome area can really set the tone for the whole business – so it makes sense to consider colours and styles you choose as early on as possible. Let us help – contact us if you have any concerns about which looks and options will work best for you.

Reception Desks for Sale

When looking for nearby reception desks for sale, it may be tempting to get the cheapest models available – everyone wants to save money wherever possible, of course! However, you should always consider quality. 

We make sure that all of our welcome desks and other furniture is designed and created to impeccable standards – there is never any doubt as to the quality of fitting you receive from us, and we are therefore more than proud to continue offering amazing furniture standards at highly competitive prices. 

Buying office furniture from us means you get a whole different class of seating, desks and more besides – assured for years to come, easy to maintain and offered with your own unique branding in mind.


Reception Chairs

Your reception chairs are going to be just as important as any furnishings you choose, and just as important as the main desk itself. While you not only need to opt for a comfortable and flexible office chair for your receptionist or host, you are also going to consider the seating options for your guest. 

While comfort, again, is key, you must consider the right chairs to fit your brand and your atmosphere. 

Maybe you are looking for bar stools or something a bit more extravagent. We can help you decide!

Do you opt for single chairs in an executive style? Or do you opt for sofas or comfy seating? It’s all about inspiring confidence – and whether your firm is aiming to uphold an executive image or one which is open and informal, your choice of seating for your welcome area is where the process starts. 

Take a look at our collection and see what inspires you the most!

Welcome Desks in Newtownabbey

Reception furniture in Newtownabbey BT39 9 generally revolves around welcome desks – these units must be functional and practical for receptionist staff and hosts as well as obvious and easily-accessible for anyone aiming to obtain further information from you. 

It should be easy to book in as a visitor and your welcome desk should always be approachable. Once again, it’s all about making the right choice based upon your company branding, ethos and image. 


There are a wide range of contemporary and designer reception desks available from our collection – though you can also opt for something a little more traditional if this is the image you wish to cultivate. 

Consider your options carefully – and do let us help if you are in any doubt as to what to look for.

Reception Seating Furniture

As mentioned – your choice in reception seating furniture is incredibly important. We don’t just offer one standard or style of seating – which means we are more than confident you will find more than a few options which will work wonders for your employees and visitors. 

Just like with a meeting room you will need something that will impress your guests, so why not ask for our opinion?

Never sacrifice comfort or quality in the furniture you buy – choose from a huge range of seating, tables and furnishing options for your welcome area which will serve as a wonderful first impression for anyone arriving at your firm in the near future.

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We understand that you will want unique office reception furniture in Newtownabbey BT39 9 because no two areas are quite the same.

We therefore always welcome contact from businesses in need of ideas on how to best welcome guests and visitors in the best way possible. Use the green contact form below or ring us on 0800 731 4592 to see how we can assist you!


Other Office Furniture We Supply

If you’re interested in setting up or refurbishing your welcome area and would like some more ideas on how to make the most of your welcome lobby, contact us today using our contact form for more information – don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions for our local experts!

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