Office Table and Chairs

Office Table and Chairs

We have a range of office table and chairs to choose from. Whether you are looking for a modern look or a more traditional appearance - get in touch with our team now using the contact form provided.

Break Room Furniture

Break Room Furniture

If you are looking for a range of break room furniture, please complete our contact form now for details on the prices and designs available.

Lunch Tables

Lunch Tables

Our team have various lunch tables available for you to choose from. If you wish to speak to a member of the team today, please complete our contact form now.

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Office Table and Chairs

Office table and chairs is something else you need to think about when you consider office furniture. As you may naturally think of desks and swivel chairs – but there’s much more in the way of commercial furniture installations than you may have already considered.

We are your local office table & chair experts – meaning that whether you're aiming to furnish a staff room, refurbish a lunch area or simply add in a few new units to your floor, we have a nearby selection for you to choose from with the utmost in quality in mind.

By filling in the contact form below and sending us an enquiry, our team get back to you ASAP on everything you need. You can also call us on 0800 731 4592 for more information.


Round Office Table and Chairs

We are always more than happy to help firms and businesses throughout our region and surrounding areas find maximum support with round office tables and chairs to withstand years of use – why pay less when you stand to get low quality furniture?

We only ever provide high-quality tables & chairs at competitive prices – contact us to find out more!

Lunch and staff room furniture like bar stools may not be used for long periods of time, but that doesn’t mean you should ever turn a blind eye to comfort or practicality. 

Break Room Tables and Chairs

Everyone needs to take a break every now and again, and you owe it to your team to create a staff room that inspires them to wind down and relax, ready to be productive once again when their allotted breaks and lunches have finished. 

We supply hard-wearing, contemporary staff room tables and chairs to suit a wide range of workspace interiors and aesthetics – from neutral looks to modular tables and seating that can be easily arranged and set up to your own taste, we are always more than happy to help you find the best fit and the best look for your break times.

Tables and Chairs

Office table & chair solutions come in a variety of shapes and flavours and, therefore, we really do think that there’s something for everyone. 

We are the closest supplier and distributor of tables & chairs for office break rooms and lunch rooms for many businesses in our region, and we’re therefore keen to keep offering our customers a brilliant range of standards for competitive prices compared to that which they may find on the high street. 

Table and chair solutions for meeting rooms are available in metal, wood and otherwise – choose an affordable solution that complements your existing interior design and which supplies your workforce with the comfort and practicality they deserve.

Lunch Tables

Lunch tables may not be used for long periods of time, but they still need to be comfortable and practical to a fault. 

Choose from canteen chairs and tables to support large groups of people, affordable plastic solutions which can be easily stacked and moved around, or maybe even folding tables that can be cleaned and put away from time to time. 

If you’re keen on saving space as a priority, we can help you find a host of catering and canteen table and chair solutions which are designed to avoid the ‘dating’ effect – meaning that in even a few years’ time, your furniture will still look modern and inspiring. 

Lunch times should be relaxing and often allow people to come together to unwind – choose from a range of lunch table solutions that encourage socialising as well as which offer maximum comfort and ease of use.


Office Break Room Tables

Break rooms should be built to allow for people to unwind and to socialise – which means any office break room tables you are looking for should be simple, easy to use, easy to clean and to move around where necessary. 

Modular tables are fast becoming popular in the contemporary office scene thanks to their amazing portability – but there is also plenty to be said for more traditional tables, too. 

Folding units and lightweight options which offer minimal clutter and maximum accessibility for users are available at competitive rates.

You may also think about putting matching storage cabinets with the tables & chairs to create a more office-like area.

Lunch Room Table

No two lunch room table solutions are quite the same, meaning that whether you’re aiming for round tables to encourage maximum socialising or traditional rectangular units, we aim to cover all bases for you. 

Our office table & chair ranges are easy to maintain and come in both neutral and eye-catching flavours – which means that whether you're aiming to make things stand out or blend in, we have everything covered for you. 

An ideal lunch room table should offer plenty of space and should work perfectly with standardised chairs and stools. Rest assured, our various seating and table collections blend together perfectly – if you have any concerns about mixing and matching one or more different styles, contact us and we’ll be happy to put your mind at ease.

Break Room Chairs

Everyone likes a comfy chair to sit back in when it’s time to unwind, and it’s important that your team has plenty of access to comfort and space when it’s their time to go off-shift. 

Our break room chairs come in a plethora of standards – from big and comfy to neat and portable, the right workspace table and chair solutions for you will depend entirely upon the type of atmosphere you are hoping to cultivate. 

Unsure about whether or not to go all out on office sofas or firm armchairs and tables? Let us help you find the right look.

Other Office Furniture We Supply

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Looking for an office table and chairs near me? We’re experts in office design from the work floor through to break and lunchrooms – and we’re proud to continue offering our customers so much choice. 

We never sacrifice quality for value – and you can always be assured that you are set to receive the best quality in fittings and furnishings at competitive prices. Fill in our contact form or call us on 0800 731 4592 for more information at your convenience if you need a hand!



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